History of District 87

On August 10, 1985, an inaugural meeting of Toastmasters was held at the Raintree Club, Kuala Lumpur to form a proteam Council of Toastmasters Clubs in Malaysia, Toastmaster Jimmy Khoo of Taiping Toastmasters Club was elected as President. In 1988, official approval was given by the Registrar of Societies, but allowing membership only to clubs registered directly with the Registrar of Societies. On October 25, … Continue reading History of District 87

The Brunei Gavel Club – Our History

Greetings, dear reader. Farhan Jafar Ali here, President of Brunei Gavel Club. Welcome to the story of Gavel. Gavel Clubs are junior Toastmasters clubs made for schools, the youth and the general community who wishes to learn Toastmasters on a smaller scale. In Brunei, we have 3 such Gavel Clubs. Namely, Maktab Sains Gavel Club, Chung Hwa Middle School Gavel Club and the newly established … Continue reading The Brunei Gavel Club – Our History

Message from International Director

Mabuhay District 87! This event is indeed something to look forward to! Your conference theme “Be the Difference” is very timely. Each and every one of us is here because at some point in our life we embarked on a journey towards personal excellence through Toastmasters….we all seek to become the spark that will make the difference. But I asked you what difference are you … Continue reading Message from International Director

Message from Regional Advisor

Humble greetings and warm wishes from the desk of Region Advisor. I am indeed pleased to pen-down this message for the upcoming D87 Semi-Annual Conference which is to be held in Brunei. Congratulations for spearheading the task of planning and organizing such a Conference that attracts good number of delegates bound to reap bountiful benefits from this great organization. The speakers lined up appear very … Continue reading Message from Regional Advisor

Message from District Director

On behalf of District 87, it is my distinct privilege to welcome you to the Semi Annual Conference 2016. This district is now in its 7th year and we strive to develop our members’ communication and leadership skills. With the Toastmasters tagline, Where Leaders are Made, let us review and reflect – “Do we have the courage to take up the challenges of our next … Continue reading Message from District Director

Message from Organizing Chair

Dear Toastmasters and Friends, Welcome to District 87’s Semi-Annual Conference in  Brunei Darussalam. I’m very honoured to host a District Conference in  Brunei as this is quite a rare opportunity for many. Brunei (Area K6) being part of the huge geographical region (East Malaysia and Indonesia) shows the diversity in culture and race in the quest for excellence in self-development and confidence. Hence, having your … Continue reading Message from Organizing Chair

Hall of Fame

Distinguished Toastmaster Award 2016 / 2017 Yenni Merlin Djajalaksana (Division B) Yusuf Chandra (Division B) Vun Wey Tyng (Division K) Siti Maryani Koswara (Division J) Peng Hor Kam (Division S) Ang Boon Kiat (Division K) Triple Crown Award 2016 / 2017 Silvan Aaron Ang Boon Kiat Yusuf Chandra Jack Chin Ee Aziman Nasir Reza Rizky Pratama Pooja Shivanand Vun Wey Tyng Emriati Samosir Distinguished Toastmaster … Continue reading Hall of Fame