D87 Annual Conference 2017

Q: How are preparations for next year’s conference coming along?

Preparations for the District 87 Kota Kinabalu 2017 conference, or KK17 for short, are coming along smoothly.

We formed our organising committee early. In August of 2015, actually. And that early start has afforded us the luxury of time to discuss and
focus on presenting a memorable conference for attendees.

We are currently exactly where we want to be in terms of preparation for the conference.

Q: What is your vision for the upcoming conference?

KK17 will be held at the same time as one of the biggest celebrations for the indigenous people of Sabah. That is the Ka’amatan festival or Harvest Festival. It’s a month long celebration where we give thanks for a bountiful harvest, where we get together as a community to celebrate, to feast, to have contests such as strongman contests and
beauty contest and most importantly, fellowship and merriment.

Our vision is to have the same Ka’amatan spirit infusing the KK17 annual conference. To this end, for the Organising Committee, our decisions are governed by the 4F’s – Fun, Fellowship, Festivity and Food.

What we want to achieve is for participants to have a lot of fun, be it in the conference or enjoying the beautiful nature that Sabah has to offer, reconnect or make new connections with other participants, experience Sabah hospitality and a bit of the Ka’amatan spirit and to go back to their clubs with a slightly wider tummy.

Q: What objectives are you working towards for the conference?

We have several objectives that we wish to achieve by hosting this conference in Kota Kinabalu. It would take me quite some time to go through all of them, so lets just focus on the main objective. Which is to expose the benefits of Toastmasters to more organisations in and around our district, and to more individuals in and around our district. If we successfully, expose Toastmasters beyond our district, even better.

In our organising committee, we have members who have been Toastmasters for more than 20 years. Toastmasters continues to offers something to them that makes them stay on as a member. And we have committee members who are just 1 year into their Toastmasters journey and are enthusiastic and passionate about Toastmaster.

We want to transmit that to existing Toastmasters and to the public. That this is an organisation that you can benefit from even 20 years later, and that you have made a great choice in becoming a Toastmasters. We want to create an opportunity for members to talk to others and find out what else can you do, what else can you be, with Toastmasters.

And for the non-Toastmasters who attend, we want to transmit the message that there are passionate and enthusiastic people in this organisation. And when you surround yourself with those type of people, you too will ignite or reignite your life.

Q: Will you let us in on who the speakers will be?

We will be revealing the full list of our speakers soon. For now, what I can share with you is
that we will have 3 categories of Speakers/Workshops. Speakers and Education Session
on Leadership, Communication and Motivation/Others.

There will be speakers who are Leaders in their own right, there will be speakers who will share their experience and form of communicating and there will be speaker who will speak on a variety of subjects.

Also not forgetting, for Toastmasters in District 87, the new education program, Pathways, is scheduled to be rolled out from April 2017. During the conference, we will be dedicating
a workshop session and also an information counter to answer all your questions regarding Pathways.

Since, we have the luxury of time and we are spending that time in getting the right blend of speakers between Toastmasters related content and Self Development related content, for the conference.

One thing I can assure you of though, is that, all the speakers and workshops will impact you positively.

Q: What are the things to look forward to for the next conference?

I would like to say, look forward to the speakers, to the workshop, to the contests. But that would be a lie!

What will make this conference memorable and a conference to look forward to, will be the people who are involved and who attend. Sabahans are welcoming and fun loving. And we are proud of our heritage. We just need you to come to KK17, and allow us to share our culture and hospitality with you during the Ka’amatan festival, to make this memorable.

We look forward to your attendance in May 2017.

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