Message from District Director

On behalf of District 87, it is my distinct privilege to welcome you to the Semi Annual Conference 2016.

This district is now in its 7th year and we strive to develop our members’ communication and leadership skills.

With the Toastmasters tagline, Where Leaders are Made, let us review and reflect – “Do we have the courage to take up the challenges of our next sphere of growth? Are we ready for the next change in our life? Are we able work in a team ?” Good leaders dare to be different. They are willing to implement and carry their ideas. Their courage is the result of their conviction. Let’s inspire each other to excel in this journey.

  • I believe in you to aspire to be different every day. As a saying, if you want something you never had, you have to do something, you have never done.
  •  If you want to become a good communicator, then you have to start delivering your speeches in every club meeting;
  •  If you want to lead those you never done, then you have to take up leadership roles in your Club, Area, Division and District;
  •  If you would like to spread your network of friends to connect with people, then you have to bring all your friends to attend your own club meeting; inspire then and invite them to join this Toastmasters journey;
  •  If you want to win a contest which you have never done, then you have to participate in the contests;
  •  If you want to be a trainer who can share life experiences to wide variety of audience, than you have to be an education session presenter in Toastmaster Conferences;
  •  If you want to build your network and meet people from vast background and skills, then you have to attend Division, District Conference and International Conventions!

At this conference, you shall find answers to the above 6 aspirations.

Enjoy yourself and connect with more friends.

Toastmasters Where Leaders Are Made !

Ivy Lau, DTM
District Director, District 87

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