Message from International Director

Mabuhay District 87!

This event is indeed something to look forward to! Your conference theme “Be the Difference” is very timely. Each and every one of us is here because at some point in
our life we embarked on a journey towards personal excellence through Toastmasters….we all seek to become the spark that will make the difference.

But I asked you what difference are you aiming for? What steps have you taken to become that difference? Have you set a goal? Sometimes we have to sit down and take stock of things and set our goals. For without our goals we simply have a dream without a roadmap. Let us take advantage of this opportunity for learning! Your organizers have lined up an impressive array of powerful speakers and outstanding leaders in Toastmasters. Take the time to talk with them, share your thoughts with fellow delegates, make new friends and renew old ties.

At the end of the conference I hope you go back to your respective clubs and share what you have learned, take steps to “be the difference”, and look forward to taking
on leadership roles.

Lastly don’t forget to have fun and fellowship with your fellow Toastmasters!

All the best!

Elisa W. Tay, DTM
International Director 2016-2018
Toastmasters International

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