Message from Regional Advisor

Humble greetings and warm wishes from the desk of Region Advisor.

I am indeed pleased to pen-down this message for the upcoming D87 Semi-Annual Conference which is to be held in Brunei. Congratulations for spearheading the task of planning and organizing such a Conference that attracts good number of delegates bound to reap bountiful benefits from this great organization. The speakers lined up appear very motivational and am sure, it would be one of the greatest conferences to go down the memory lane in years to come.

Toastmasters transform individuals into who they can best be in a competitive environment. The amazing benefits and awesome learning facilitates a conducive learning environment for all to upgrade to another higher level. Testimonies would vouch for these splendid change and I am indeed a product totally from such a great systematic process. Although I may not be there, but the energy surrounding the event is already creating a positive vibration for others to cling-on and benefit from.

While we learn and fellowship at such gathering, let us be mindful of the CORE VALUES of
Toastmasters which should be ring-fencing every action of ours as guiding principle. Preaching it over with regular practice makes it an embedded principle in our life as we move-on courageously towards a progressive lifestyle. Garner whatever you can and discover the hidden talents in this life-changing moments of Toastmasters membership. Whilst focusing on the communication development would be the primary motive of many, let us not overlook the excellent leadership opportunities available within the environment to unveil our optimum potential in life.

Let us all embrace this Toastmasters program with love, sincerity and passion for an AMAZING Journey ahead!

Humbly yours in Toastmasters

Thannimalai L PJM, DTM
Region 14 Advisor 2015-2017
Toastmasters International

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