Progresif Cellular

Progresif is a new entrant in Brunei’s mobile telecommunications industry, with a mission
to bring to the people of Brunei the endless possibilities that come with a connected life. A
wholly-owned subsidiary of Darussalam Assets Sdn Bhd, Progresif aims to be a competitive and sustainable mobile operator in Brunei, offering innovative products and services to its customers over a 3G and 4G network. Apart from investing in network upgrades and improvements, Progresif is committed towards building a customer-centric organisation and a strong brand focused on simplicity and innovation.

We admire your passion in advocating curiosity, openness and progressiveness. Progresif is Progressive. In Toastmasters, we too believe in continuous learning and self development. Can you tell us why they are similarly important to you?

It is innate for people to have aspirations, to better themselves, their environment, and their communities. While curiosity and openness are important characteristics, it takes passion and innovation to move people forward. It is this combination of character traits and motivation that make people progressive, and these make up the core values that shape how Progresif conducts business and how we serve our community.

In Toastmasters, we believe that developing communicating skills is key to effective and harmonious social interaction. Can you tell us the different ways that effective communication plays a vital role in providing the best service to your customers?

Effective communication is critical to improving any human interaction. One of the two most important elements that we focus on is active listening. This is because what is often most important is not what is being said, but what goes unsaid if you don’t ask questions. Often the sentiment and perspective that keeps people from communicating are the most critical elements to address. The second focus is on keeping things simple, which is much harder than it sounds. Simple communication is more thoughtful as it resolves complexity for the audience. By mandating simple messages, we force ourselves to resolve complexity in the planning and design of our products and services.

How do you see Toastmasters contributing to one’s progress in their professional life?

Soft skills development is critical to differentiating oneself in business. After university, most professionals do not continue with soft skills development, and most businesses are not willing to invest in soft skills development for staff. Effective communication, both written and spoken, is arguably one of the most critical soft skills to help individuals to advance in business. While there are many outlets for development of writing and speaking skills, the Toastmasters format helps to ensure development through structured learning and strong peer engagement and support.

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