R.Y.S Entertainment

RYS Entertainment is an event management company in Brunei that specialises in event
management, event production and event safety. We provide a wide range of services
including graphic design, advertising, signboards, renovations, rental of professional sound and lighting equipment, canopies and all related equipment. Whether it’s your fabulous private parties or spectacular outdoor weddings, specialised corporate functions or exclusive gala events, your guests will stay longer and leave with a lasting impression.

How do you see Toastmasters contributing to one’s progress in their professional life?

Good communication skill is one of the top qualities employers seek for, and Toastmasters
provide a platform for people to improve, not only their communication skills, but also their leadership skills. With enough practice and enthusiasm to improve, I believe that anyone can be an effective communicator.

Your company has a mission to provide excellent and professional event management skills and services to meet the desired outcomes of your customers. In what ways is effective communication vital to achieve high customer satisfaction?

Effective communications ensure that you and your customer are on the same page so
things can flow a little easier. Being an effective communicator does not only mean that you can speak exceptionally well. It also means that you have the ability to listen and understand the needs of your client. Understanding the vision of your client will undoubtedly ensure better desired outcomes for all.

What are the main reasons behind your involvement with Brunei Conference 2016?

Brunei Conference 2016 is one of the best way to increase the presence of Toastmasters in
Brunei. A lot of people associate Toastmasters with public speaking and may feel intimated. But, we want to let people know that it is not just a public speaking club. It is a supportive and positive place where everyone can learn to be an effective communicator and leader.

Do you think it is important for your staff to be competent in communicating? Why?

Yes, definitely. I believe that effective communication, whether it’s written or oral,is the key to success in the any workplace.The ability to convey your message clearly can
ensure better working relationships with your colleagues and clients.

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