Special Thanks

Special thanks to these following individuals who also lend a helping hand in the conference;

  • Liyana Sidek
  • Farhan Jafar Ali
  • Hilman Omar
  • Valeen Kan
  • Heidi Rahman
  • Rahmat Tarsat
  • Genevieve Lai
  • Chris Woo
  • Mei Ann Lim
  • Derby Teo
  • Rahul Breh
  • Pooja Shivanand
  • Tieng Chwei Peng
  • Sumardi Hedus
  • Najmuddin Tarif
  • Rozana Yunos
  • Elizabeth Sim
  • Flora Janting
  • Phebe Lai Siu-Chin
  • Ahmad Syauqie bin Haji Satia
  • Siti Qistina bte Hj Mohd Saidpuddin
  • Chow Jun Wei
  • Siu Tzyy Wei

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